New Features of Intellectual Property Protection in China

Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released "China Patent Investigation Report 2021", pointing out four new features of China's intellectual property protection at this stage.[link]

US Jury Orders Meta to Pay $174.5 Mn for Violating Patents

A US jury on Wednesday ordered Meta to pay $174.5 million for violating live-streaming patents developed by a US Army veteran seeking to fix shortcomings in battlefield communications.[link]

Samsung has trademarked two Slidable Devices based on Foldable Displays

Samsung has applied for a couple more trademarks pertaining to flexible display technology, or more specifically, slidable devices. [link]

European Commission: Cyber Resilience Act

The proposal for a regulation on cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements, known as the Cyber Resilience Act, bolsters cybersecurity rules to ensure more secure hardware and software products.[link]

EPO-CNIPA Joint Communiqué: Chinese applicants may continue to designate EPO as ISA

Nationals and residents of the People's Republic of China can continue to select the European Patent Office as their International Searching Authority (ISA) for their international patent applications filed in English[link]

China: Concrete Measures Uplifts IP Commercialization to New Heights

"Efficient transactions of IPRs fuel orderly circulation of innovative resources and elements as well as optimization of configurations while speeding up the release of innovative energy," Heng Fuguang[link]

Xiaomi‘s Autonomous Driving Patent on Reducing Traffic Violation disclosed to Public

Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., one of the automaking entities of China's tech player, Xiaomi, saw one of its autonomous driving patents disclosed to the public, according to information released by the corporate database, Tianyancha.[link]

Disney files Patent for Augmented Reality Ride without Glasses

Disney is looking to clear one of the obstacles to bringing augmented reality to more theme park attractions - the need to wear special glasses to see the projected figures.[link]

Seoul Semiconductor Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Feit Electric

The complaint asserts that Feit lighting products infringe twelve LED patents, and seeks a permanent injunction against the sales of those products.[link]

EU Initiative Uses Blockchain and NFTs to Fight IP Infringement

The EU is preparing to launch its own blockchain solution to authenticate physical products through NFTs. [link]

Polestar And Citroen Settle Dispute Over Logo Design In France

Trademark infringement disputes are a dime a dozen, though they aren't as rampant in the automotive industry compared to other businesses. One of the few that came to light was the logo dispute between the French automaker Citro?n and the Swedish carmaker Polestar, which reached a ruling in 2020.[link]

Huawei unveils solution to power digital transformation in rail

Huawei Technologies Co launched an innovative solution in Berlin, Germany on Thursday to help build a more secure, efficient and smarter railway mobile communications system.[link]

China’s mobile IoT connection reaches nearly 1.7b

China's mobile Internet of things (IoT) has made remarkable progress in network and industrial capability, as well as application development, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.[link]

China boasts over 1.96m 5G base stations

The number of 5G base stations in use across China has exceeded 1.96 million, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.[link]

Nreal sees bright vista for cutting-edge glasses

Chinese augmented reality eyeglass pioneer Nreal will expand its vision in the domestic market after establishing a presence abroad in the past five years[link]

UBTech unveils intelligent healthcare robots and solutions for senior citizens

Chinese artificial intelligence pioneer UBTech Robotics has unveiled its smart health care strategy[link]

Lenovo unveils latest wearable display Glasses T1

Chinese tech heavyweight Lenovo Group Ltd unveiled new Lenovo Glasses T1, a wearable private display[link]

Alibaba sets up largest intelligent computing center

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, has launched the world's largest intelligent computing center in Zhangjiakou's Zhangbei county[link]

Oppo unveils cross-platform system Pantanal

Chinese tech company Oppo has unveiled its cross-device system to better tap into the "internet of things" era[link]

China‘s internet users exceed 1.05 billion by June

China had 1.05 billion internet users by the end of June, 19.19 million more than in December last year, according to a report issued by the China Internet Network Information Center on Wednesday.[link]

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