Position :
Qualifications : Patent Attorney
Expertise : Semiconductor and Computer
Meiqin ZHANG
Position :
Qualifications : Patent Attorney
Expertise : Automobile、Textile
Position :
Qualifications : Patent Attorney
Expertise : Agricultural Machinery
Position :
Qualifications : Patent Attorney
Expertise : Medication Chinese Medic
Position :
Qualifications : Patent Attorney
Expertise : Legal Consultation
Zhinan ZHANG
Position :
Qualifications : Partner/Patent Attorney
Expertise : Organic Chemistry
Yingzi ZHOU
Position : Partner
Qualifications : Deputy Manager of Business Development Department
Expertise : Foreign Trade Japanese

Facebook is testing a sidebar for Groups and channels for focused discussions

Meta has announced a couple of new features that it is testing for Facebook. Both are designed to increase engagement in different formats.[link]

Apple and Google asked to ban TikTok by FCC Commissioner

TikTok cannot catch a break from criticism lately. After news broke out about the data privacy breach of users in the US, it has been in deep waters.[link]

CAFC Reverses Contempt Finding for Disclosures of Confidential Discovery Information to Develop Joint Defense Strategy

On June 28, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) issued a precedential decision in Static Media LLC v. Leader Accessories LLC reversing a contempt finding entered in the Western District of Wisconsin over alleged violations of a protective order from a design patent infringement case between Static and Leader. [link]

Tianwen 1 completes its scientific mission

One of the most recent images taken by cameras onboard China's Tianwen 1 Mars orbiter shows the landscape of the western Valles Marineris.[link]

Danish job search company files antitrust complaint against Google

Google has had a tough time dealing with the European Union's (EU) antitrust regulators in recent years. [link]

Will AI-generated Inventions be Patented in the UK?

With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence technology, how are AI-generated inventions recognised when it comes to patents?[link]

CIPO Releases Its 2020?2021 Annual Report

"When I reflect on what CIPO accomplished in 2020-2021, I am struck by the resiliency and adaptability of CIPO's employees and grateful for the deep collaboration with partners. In a matter of a few months[link]

U.S. Supreme Court won’t Hear Apple‘s Bid to Revive Qualcomm Patent Challenges

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear Apple Inc's AAPL.O bid to revive an effort to cancel two Qualcomm Inc QCOM.O smartphone patents despite the global settlement of the underlying dispute between the two tech giants.[link]

German’s Top Three Patent Courts Show Greatest Growth in Case Numbers

Case numbers in German courts have recently been on the decline. However, in 2021 - the second year of corona - several courts saw a significant increase.[link]

Cisco Wins Appeal of $1.9 Billion Patent- Infringement Judgment

A U.S. appeals court voted to throw out a $1.9 billion patent-infringement judgment against Cisco Systems Inc., CSCO -1.47 saying the judge in the original case should have disqualified himself after learning his wife owned stock in the company.[link]

UK: IPO‘s IP Rights Examination Backlog Brought to Zero

In May, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) cleared its examination backlogs for the first time in several years. Backlogs refers to cases that take longer than IPO’s service standards.[link]

Chinese dairy giant tops world innovation tally

Chinese dairy giant Yili Group and its subsidiary Ausnutria topped the tally of the World Dairy Innovation Awards, which was held simultaneously with the 15th Global Dairy Congress in Laval, France, on June 14-16.[link]

Copyright Case Against Internet Subscribers Who Shared Pirated Film Proceeds to Trial

A copyright infringement action against internet subscribers who allegedly shared a pirated film through BitTorrent will proceed to trial after the Federal Court found insufficient evidence to grant default judgment.[link]

Design Patent: Invalid as Unduly Functional

Evo's design patent claims an "ornamental design for a foldable bag" as shown in the figures above.  This style of bag is known as a "trolly bag" in the UK and is used in shopping carts (trollies) to maintain order in reusable fashion.[link]

Vietnam: Amended Intellectual Property (IP) Law was Passed - the Progress of Amending the Law

On 16 June 2022, the National Assembly passed the amended IP law with 95.58 of approval and the law will take effect from 1 January 2023. However, the final version of the law has not yet been available to the public.[link]

Breaking The Rules on Counterfeit Sales: The Use of Hidden Links

A 2021 study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) estimated that the international trade in counterfeit and pirated products was worth up to $464 billion in 2019, or around 2.5 of all world trade.[link]

China‘s technology firms among pacesetters of metaverse

Imagine a world where you can move beyond the constraints of screens or the limits of physics by teleporting yourself as a hologram, or a 3D virtual figure, to be with your friends wherever they may be.[link]

Google engineer says Lamda AI system may have its own feelings

A Google engineer says one of the firm's artificial intelligence (AI) systems might have its own feelings and says its "wants" should be respected.[link]

china Tests Tech That Could Beam Solar Power From Space to Earth

Chinese researchers have successfully tested a full-system model of technology that could one day wirelessly transmit solar power from outer space to Earth.[link]

Segway-Ninebot unveils new AI-enabled kickscooter

Segway-Ninebot, a Chinese company known for its self-balancing scooters, is eyeing a wider presence in the global short-distance transportation industry with its latest intelligent assistant riding system and electric kickscooter.[link]